Welcome to Big Snow

This is Big SNOW

Welcome to Big SNOW American Dream, North America’s first and only indoor, year-round, real-snow ski and snowboard resort.

Big because it’s a big place and it’s big fun for everyone.

I mean how can anyone not have fun at a place that is Winter, all year round?

And SNOW because, well, we have lots of it. Even when there’s none outside.

Enough snow for you to slide down forwards, sideways or backwards, skiing or snowboarding all day long.

And when you factor in that every day here is picture perfect with freshly groomed snow, which makes it the best place to learn to ski or snowboard, in an indoor, temperature-controlled mountain, well … you’ve got yourself a recipe for awesome my friend.

Big Snow. Two perfect words that equal one heck of a good time.

Big Snow.
Every day is a snow day.


Meet Big

The only known, and gainfully employed, Yeti in the state of New Jersey.

Big travelled to us all the way from the Yukon Territory in search of fun, shredding, Jersey pizza, and endless winter.

His love of snow helps all our guests learn and understand how to have the best time while they visit with us.

No one loves kids and families more than Big. He’s a snuggler and is excited to welcome all of you to his new Big SNOW home at American Dream.