What are your operating hours?

Big SNOW is open 10AM-10PM daily.

Last guest check-in/arrival time is 7:45PM or 2 hours and 15 minutes before closing daily.

What time should I arrive for my visit?

We have a limited capacity of guests we can accommodate on the slopes at any given time. As such, all our products at Big SNOW are sold to a specific entrance time and duration. We recommend you arrive to American Dream at least 15 minutes prior to your scheduled entrance time to allow for time to get to Big SNOW. You will not be allowed access to Big SNOW prior to your arrival time. If you happen to run late, we will do our best to get you in for your session at the next available arrival time.

Do I need to make a reservation?

Reservations are not required but highly recommended. We have a limited capacity of how many guests we can accommodate on the slopes at any given time and we are prone to a high likelihood of sell out during high demand times. Not only do we give our guests a discount for making advanced reservations online, but this also ensures that you’ll be able to access Big SNOW at the exact time and date you’d prefer without having to wait onsite.

What temperature is it inside the ski slopes?

Our slopes at Big SNOW are kept to a cool 28 degrees Fahrenheit year-round. This ensures the optimal mix of snow quality and guest comfort.

How do you make snow indoors?

The snow we make inside Big SNOW is technically no different than the snow that falls outside in nature. To help in the absence of mother nature, we use special snow making machines that spray a fine mist of cooled water into the air above our slopes. As the water droplets fall through the cold air in the dome, they freeze and turn to snow, just the same as they would falling through the sky outside.

Can I sled or play in the snow?

Unfortunately, we do not allow sleds, toboggans, or tubes within the snow dome.

Can I just come and ride the lift?

Sorry. The use of our lifts is reserved for guests with a Slope Access or Snow Play ticket only.

Can I accompany my child into the park?

All guests entering the Snow Park and Rental Area must have a valid ticket. Observation tickets are available onsite for parents and escorts at a rate of $14.99. We recommend that all children under the age of 12 be escorted by a parent or guardian while in the snow dome.

Can I hike or skin up the slopes?

At this time Big SNOW does not allow uphill traffic of any kind (hiking, snowshoeing, skinning, splitboarding, etc.) for the safety of our team and our guests.

What should I wear?

We can provide you with everything you need for your visit to Big SNOW. Our Snow Day package includes: snow pants, snow jacket and helmet. We also have gloves, socks, hats, facemasks, and anything else you could need available for purchase at our retail store. If you’re planning on bringing your clothing… Generally, we recommend that you avoid cotton clothing as it absorbs and retains moisture and can make you feel cold. A water-resistant jacket and pants, a synthetic material base-layer or thermals, one good pair of wool or synthetic socks, gloves and hat or ski/snowboard helmet should set you up for success on the slopes. Remember: if you’re under the age of 18 the state of New Jersey requires that you wear a helmet when skiing, snowboarding and riding the lifts. Helmets are included in our rental packages.

What should I bring with me?

We recommend that you bring a change of clothes with you for your trip home. As well as a phone or camera to document your day. Personal items may be stored in our lockers within the outfitting area. Although you are indoors the light can be reflective off the snow’s surface, we recommend bringing a pair of lightly tinted sunglasses or goggles to offer some protection from glare and wind while skiing and riding.

What should I do if I’ve forgotten or lost something while at Big Snow?

We have an online Lost & Found portal that you can find here.

Can I bring my own equipment? Is it allowed in the mall?

Yes. You can transport your equipment through the mall. Once you arrive at Big SNOW you’ll just need to check your equipment with our valet staff upon arrival. They will valet your equipment to and from the snow as we don’t allow for guests to take their equipment through the arrival experience. Please note that our rental equipment is designed to work together as a pair. We do not offer ala carte rentals. If you require rental equipment please make sure you book the SNOW Day package product.

Can I bring in outside food?

We do offer snack and drink services onsite at Joe C’s Café. You may also bring your own snacks in and store them in your locker. If you’re looking for more substantial American Dream offers several food halls, restaurants and cafeterias onsite.

When does my session time start/Can I leave and come back?

Your on-snow time begins when you enter the snow slopes and runs continuously once you enter. You may exit and enter the snow slopes as you like during your visit but your allotted time does not stop when you leave the snow slope area.

I see that Children 6 & Under can ski Free, how does that work?

Children 6 & Under can get a free Slope Access ticket with accompanying adult ticket purchase. These are provided onsite at check in. The 6 & under Slope Access ticket does not include rentals and assumes that the child would have their own outerwear and skis or snowboard.

Are advanced reservations required for the 3 Visit SNOW Day Package Card or 6 Pack Slope Access Ticket Card?

No. Advanced reservations are not required for these products. Multi-Visit card holders can come out when they like, even if online tickets are sold out, and we’ll get you in with the next arrival time once you arrive.

What is your refund policy?

All Big SNOW tickets and admission products are non-refundable and non-transferrable.

Do you offer onsite lodging?

There are multiple lodging options surrounding Big SNOW American Dream and in the surrounding areas.

Do you offer guest WiFi service?

Yes, we offer free WiFi throughout Big SNOW as well as in the lounges and common spaces of American Dream.

Are Drones Allowed?

The use of drones is not permitted onsite at Big SNOW or American Dream.

Is there a lost and found?

Lost items will be taken to our Guest Experience team for safe keeping. Please call us to inquire if your lost item has been found, and to arrange for pickup of the item. Non valuables and soft goods (less than a $200 value) are donated after 10 days to a local non-profit charitable agency. Valuables (more than a $200 value) will be kept in the Lost and Found office for two weeks. After two weeks, the item will be donated to a local non-profit charitable agency.